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A perfume is a scented liquid made from a blend of essential oils, solvents, and fixatives that is used to give a pleasant aroma to the body, clothing, or surroundings. Perfumes are often used to mask body odors and can be found in a variety of forms, including sprays, lotions, and creams. The strength and lasting power of a perfume is determined by the concentration of essential oils in the formulation. Perfumes are typically classified into different categories based on the concentration of essential oils, with "parfum" being the most concentrated and longest-lasting form. Parfums typically contain 15-30% essential oils and can last for several hours on the skin.

There are a few factors that contribute to the overall quality and appeal of a perfume:

  1. Scent: The most important aspect of a perfume is its scent. A good perfume should have a well-balanced and harmonious scent that is pleasant and appealing to the wearer and those around them.
  2. Longevity: A good perfume should have good lasting power and be able to hold up throughout the day.
  3. Sillage: Sillage refers to the degree to which a perfume's scent is detectable after it has been applied. A good perfume should have good sillage, meaning that it can be detected at a moderate distance without being overwhelming or overpowering.
  4. Versatility: A good perfume should be suitable for a variety of occasions and seasons, and be able to adapt to different environments and wearer preferences.
  5. Ingredient quality: The ingredients used in a perfume can have a big impact on its overall quality. High-quality ingredients will result in a better-performing and longer-lasting perfume.
  6. Uniqueness: A good perfume should be distinctive and have its own unique character, rather than simply being a copy of another perfume.

Proprietor Amit Jain launched the niche range of contemporary 30% concentration UUKA Parfums citing his own exposure to the perfumery industry. More so because mostly everyone else currently on the market is mass producing cheap knockoffs with a mere 5-15% concentration perfume strength touted as EDT, EDC, EDP, etc. Most mass marketing manufacturers thus save on the actual cost of manufacturing while maintaining overhead cost, distribution cost and advertisement cost

This slight of hand is unjustified considering the end user’s hard earned money. As the consumer does not know any better than this being a regular but unknown feature in large scale operations, our mission is to educate the consumers that a much better value for money proposition is here for them to try out, so they can see the difference in the mentioned quality firsthand for themselves. That's why we developed our in-house perfumery to come up with a range of comparatively longer lasting fragrances as our proprietary 30% concentration UUKA Parfums, not the regular EDT, EDC, EDP, etc.

We aim to be pioneers in our industry by means of ingenious innovation such as offering such unheard of quality especially in the Indian market, both online and offline, and as such our distribution channels have been adamant to propose this extraordinary feat as a real and tangible value for money proposition for catering to their trusting end users. This mindset will go a long way in establishing a decent market share for us. All along our journey, we’ve been conducting many customer satisfaction surveys and needless to say our products have been extremely well received by the said end users and subject matter experts alike. We are proud to have taken part in many exhibitions and have been successful in converting business clients alike. Since we already have exported a lot of these goods overseas, we are confident of our proud offering to the domestic market as well, thereby enabling the “Make In India” concept just as profoundly. As part of our core beliefs, we source our ingredients ethically and donate a part of the proceeds to charity.

Please share the word on social media for us to grow organically, in order for us to be more enabled publicly, and for us to be a considerable brand in our own rights, so we can provide more of the said offerings. Our commitment for you is here to stay. Once you see the genuine power of “Make In India” ‘value for money’ products, you might not want to go back to exorbitant foreign brands which are a dozen times more expensive.
Check out some videos we requested for ascertaining efficacy of our products by celebrity status figures, who would not record anything but the truth, so as to always honestly communicate forth with their million of followers; see it all in action for yourself by clicking on the following YouTube link:
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We basically cut out the middleman and endeavour to pass the direct savings onto actual customers.
We proudly source the materials for our product offerings ethically.
A breakdown of the portion of our revenue goes to charity

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The firm is working with an innovative approach to creating fast, reliable, and simple ways of shipping diversified product range all across the globe. They cater to categories like food, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, herbal products, beverages, perfumes, cosmetics, clothing, footwear, and Jewelry from all brands to various consumers.

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